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Are you in a family?

If yes, then this conference is for you! There will be teaching experts on family living, to help us live as God would want us to!

Conference schedule

Cost: Adults: $10, Kids: free


Two days of learning and fun for
all families. Great messages and
help for many aspects of
family life.


Friday and Saturday
May 5 - 6


South Baptist Church
G-4091 Van Slyke Road

Flint, Michigan

He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

Luke 11:28

workshop offerings

Children's Ministry

Caring for an aging loved one

With the advancements in medicine and technology, the average life expectancy is trending higher and higher. As a result, many adult children of aging parents have not thought through, or are prepared for what it is going to take to care for their parents when the time comes. In this workshop we will look at biblical and practical principles to help educate and prepare ourselves in this matter.

Room 502, near the Gym Entrance

Children's Ministry

Marriage Roles and Responses

Regardless of what people think, there is a specific role for a husband and a wife to carry out within their marriage for its overall health and strength. For the roles to provide the health and strength necessary, a couple must not listen to what family, friends, or the media may say those roles are. Instead, they must listen to what God, the Creator of marriage, says they are. In this workshop you will take the time to
listen to God, and what he has to say may surprise you.

Room 304

Men's Ministry

how to guide your millennial

Do you have a millennial in your home or in your life, and are not quite sure how to get through to them? Do not despair for you are not alone. God has raised up a unique generation to do a specific work for Him. In this workshop you will learn how to guide a millennial in a direction so that they can accomplish the specific work that God has for them.

Room 504, near the Gym Entrance

Women's Ministry

Special help for special needs

This workshop is for parents, caregivers, teachers, and anyone who works with special needs students. During our time we will be discussing strategies for working with students on the autism spectrum that are productive for the child and parent. We will share resources that are available in the community for you and your child. We will also consider what the future holds and think through preparing your child for the future.

Room 502, near the Gym Entrance

Youth Ministry

Money Matters

Trying to save money is never easy, but it is not impossible. With God nothing is impossible. But is saving money something that God would have us to be doing to begin with, and if so, why? In this workshop we will search for answers to those questions. We will also lay out some practical principles to help us become good stewards with what God has given to us.

Room 504, near the Gym Entrance

Women's Ministry

Biblical principles of intimacy

Do you know there is a difference between sex and intimacy in the marriage relationship? Do you know that the more a couple works at improving intimacy in their marriage, the more they will naturally improve their sex life? In this workshop you will consider what intimacy is, how to improve intimacy in a marriage, and how that will, in turn, improve a couple’s sex life.

Room 301

Men's Ministry

Help! I’m in a blended family!

The learning curve is steep when you merge two families together whether as a result of marriage, adoption, or foster care. Many families are easily blindsided by the pressures and unforeseen dynamics of blended family living. In this workshop we hope to expose some of those dynamics and release some of those pressures with some honest, biblical teaching.

Room 105

Men's Ministry

how to have a good fight

“What causes fights and quarrels among you?” This biblical question is based on the reality that sinful people respond sinfully to each other when sinned against. And the result is most often conflict. So, how do you handle the inevitable conflicts in your life? This is the question this workshop will give some biblical guidance to so that you can handle conflict in a way that glorifies God and seeks to keep your relationships whole and healthy.

Room 410

Youth Ministry

Caring for kids that aren’t yours

Whether you have children of your own or not, you still have an opportunity to have an eternal impact on children’s lives. Those opportunities may include coaching a sports team, teaching a Sunday School class, being involved in mentoring, fostering children, or being a grandparent. There are plenty of opportunities, and this workshop will help you to know how to maximize them for God’s glory.

Room 105